Safe Haven Orphanage, After School Programs, Summer Camps, High School, Community Clinic, Youth Empowerment, and Sponsorship Programs.

About YouthCare

YouthCare Ministries is a non-profit non-governmental Christian organization operating in Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. The ministry reaches inner-city at-risk children and youth, equipping them with tools necessary for academic excellence, life skills, leadership, and holistic growth so they become resilient healthy Christian citizens of Malawi.

YouthCare runs seven programs: Safe Haven Orphanage for 13 boys and 8 girls, After School, Summer Camps, High School, Community Clinic, Youth Empowerment, and Sponsorship programs.
Besides the burden of overwhelming poverty, Malawi’s citizens are being ravaged by the growing pandemic of HIV/Aids, which has infected an estimated 16% of the total population. Tragically, this little country has earned the nickname “The Orphan Nation” because of the one million children who have been left alone in the wake of this disease. Malawi is one of the top 10 poorest countries in the world.



The Summer Camp programs are run at our three sites during long holidays (July end to August end) to keep kids and teens busy, away from danger, useful and productive. Life skills, spiritual formation, and HIV/AIDS messages are imparted to them through fun games, trips, songs, dramas, sports, and creation. The Summer Camps are run for 5 weeks and serve more than 500 kids every year.
YouthCare Clinic was established November 2018 to provide the needed medical care to the community of Chitipi and the safe haven home kids who were deprived of immediate health care due to the long distance of closest health centers and a shortage of medication. Since its inception, our clinic has been a hope and light to clients who would not afford medical care at a subsidized fee.
Education is the key to success, Malawi has a high illiteracy rate due to a number of students dropping out of school. This is often caused by poverty, poor infrastructure, inadequate learning materials and a shortage of teachers. In the year 2017, we opened our modern high school, decorated with quality infrastructures, qualified teaching personnel, and resources to equip the under-resourced community with high-quality academic excellence coupled with spiritual and leadership development.
Every child deserves a home which allows them to grow and learn, becoming all God designed them to be. Our homes exist to bridge the gap by providing a safe environment, adequate food and resources thrive as well as spiritual discipleship.
With the high rate of illiteracy affecting Malawi education, our After School Programs exist to support the young people of the community through free tutoring, life skills and career guidance for students from grades 3 to 7.
Over 100 beneficiaries have benefitted through this program. Support has included tuition assistance for college, food, transportation money and many other ways. Poverty contributes to the demand of students seeking help from the program. 80% of tuition seekers are those desiring to pursue a university education and 75% are girls.


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Our mission is to enhance the lives of at-risk urban youth by equipping them with the tools necessary for academic excellence, life skills, spiritual growth, and leadership capacity, while meeting their basic physical needs.

$36 monthly

Child sponsorship covers the costs of a child to attend a Christ-centered after-school program where they enjoy a snack, which for some may be the only food they receive that day, receive academic help, and participate in games and interactive classes that complement their learning.


$36 monthly

In Malawi, high school education is not free. Public high schools charge tuition fees that block many students from entering the classroom. To address this, UPI’s ministries in Malawi have built schools within the villages where sponsored students can attend at a greatly reduced cost. High school sponsorship provides a student with assistance in getting a comprehensive education, counseling, career guidance, school uniforms, and school supplies.


$158 monthly

Malawi is home to one million orphans-many of whom live on the streets with no access to food, shelter, or schooling. In 2007, YouthCare Ministries built the Safe Haven home, a place that offers refuge to youth and compassionate care from trained staff. $1,900 a year provides each student with nutritious meals, clothing, school supplies, medical care, life skills and leadership classes, entrepreneurial training, Christian mentorship, and a caretaker who stays with the children at all times.